IMC Ranking

The IMC Ranking process consists of two steps
  • Filling out the "Add an IMC Client" form
  • Filling out the "Add a Crypto Asset" form
From 0 to 29 (/100)

From 30 to 69 (/100)

From 70 to 79 (/100)

From 80 to 89 (/100)

From 90 to 100 (/100)

Add an IMC Client
To register as an IMC client, you must first register as a member on the site.
Once you have registered as a member, you can fill out the "IMC client form". These forms will require the member to provide identification documents for the company representative, as well as the company's identification papers.
This will allow an IMC client to be identified, which is the first step in establishing trust and allowing for legal recourse in case of problems.

Add a Crypto Asset
To register a Crypto Asset, the newly registered IMC client will need to complete the "IMC Crypto Asset form", providing all information related to the Crypto Asset and the smart contracts associated with it.
The information collected will allow us to conduct a study on the health of the token and issue a general score, which will be the IMC Ranking.

IMC Technical Study
The study will be divided into several parts:
  • Client:The client will be identified, verified, and validated. All identification documents will be stored on a private section of the IMC servers.
  • Contracts:The IMC Client will need to register the various smart contracts associated with the token, such as a contract on the Ethereum blockchain, another on the Binance Smart Chain, or even on Polygon.
  • Tokenomics:The IMC Client will need to provide the tokenomics of each registered contract must be accurately filled out.
  • Team:The IMC Client will need to provide information on the structure of the team, its size, and identify each member.
  • Wallets:The IMC Client will need to identify as many addresses as possible among the top 20 holders of the contract, defining addresses corresponding to exchanges or marketing, reserve, tax wallets, etc.
  • Deployment:The IMC Client will need to indicate how the Crypto Asset was deployed, such as whether there were presales, whitelists, relaunches, airdrops, etc.
  • Profile:The IMC Client will need to provide profile information for the token, such as the logo, description, and links to the Crypto Asset's social media accounts.
  • Legals:The IMC Client will need to accept both of IMC's agreements, namely the "IMC Client Agreement" when registering as an IMC Client and the "IMC Asset Agreement" for the Crypto Asset they wish to list.
These two operations are paid. The IMC Client will need to make the payment to the IMC team.
The payment will then be distributed as follows:
  • 75% will be used to buy IXP tokens, which will be burned in full. This will inject liquidity into ImpactXPrime and reduce the circulating supply of the token, thus reducing the amount of token that can be sold and increasing the price steadily.
  • 15% will be sent to the marketing wallet of the ImpactXPrime token team, investigators of the IMC project.
  • 10% will be sent to the team wallet of the ImpactXPrime token.

To collect as much verified and validated information as possible, as well as to determine the health and trust status of the Crypto Asset.
This will allow us to filter through the hundreds of Crypto Assets that are released daily, those that are carried by a team that does not hesitate to pay access for a quality study and does not hesitate to provide confidential documents.

This ranking will therefore highlight the projects that want to show that they can be trusted.

Please note that despite this thorough identification process and study of the Crypto Asset, Impactor MarketCap cannot guarantee any tokens success and total safety.
The IMC Ranking will provide more quality information to help you in your DYOR (Do Your Own Research) process. Please see the Disclaimer for this purpose.

For any additional information, you can contact our team using this mail :